Thursday, May 13, 2010

world expo shanghai 2010: the good, bad & the ugly

The good
The bad 
 The ugly
 and the vicious
Sri Lanka
Read the full blog here and there is some more info here


  1. I dont really agree with all the comments made on the original blog... some were actually very cool...well what can I say architecture is subjective.

  2. I sayo
    ... the chainiso
    .... the Chainiso !
    and the chainisO !!
    ... and yas the pokyupino

  3. I actually think the UK pavilion is (the vicious) very kool!
    But for me the really ugly ones are the the ones which try to depict their own cultures in terms of architectural photocopies. We in Sri Lanka also do this time and again by putting 'Kandyan' or double hip roofs to anything that we can think of.

  4. Netherlando is so shitto all crampo into one korea towno...

    UAE-o like brasso brazzearo.. laido to dryo in sunno

    other ol okyo..
    eveno Libia is having some nice qualitio..

    but where the f...0 is nippono

    Taro is mado

  5. where'd you get the Sri Lankan pavilion from? is that for real?