Saturday, May 15, 2010

geoffrey bawa memorial lecture 2010

Geoffrey Bawa Memorial Lecture 2010
Cecil Balmond - Guest Speaker

will be held on Monday 31st may at the Kularatne Hall, Ananda College,
Maradana Road, Borella.

Entrance Free.

Cecil Balmond was born in Sri Lanka, where he trained as a civil engineer. He joined ARUP in London in 1968, being on the Group Board since 1998 and founding the Advanced Geometry Unit in 2000, where he now works with scientists, architects and engineers.


  1. what time does it start?

  2. Good Q. Follow the link to the original site (G.B. Trust) and see if you can find it. I couldn't.

  3. Itso-wonderfulo... ifyu didnoto attendo yu missed-o on amazing-o eye-openo..

    I saluto to this geofferybawa-o trusto ando Balmond Sano