Wednesday, February 16, 2011

fellowship night

Guys, just a reminder for the fellowship night a.k.a. dinner dance. This plug is for my mates Dilumini and Dilshan, who are heavily involved with organizing the event.

Also the ticket looks cool.

buying photogear in singapore

I recently got a camera down from Singapore from Cathay Photo. These guys are very prompt and professional. First they were prompt and thorough in providing a very comprehensive quote including tax components etc. Then they had the goods ready to be collected by my mate on the day and also have packed the basic product with some goodies! In my case I got a fast 8GB SD card, a basic tripod, a cleaning kit a card reader and a bag. Not bad.

If anybody is shopping for photo gear in Singapore these guys are highly recommend.

Contact Persons: Steven Ng (Retail Executive) or Vincent Tan (Retail Manager)

Visit Cathay

Sunday, February 13, 2011

SLIA annual sessions and the exhibition

SLIA Annual Sessions and the Exhibition 'Architect 2011' will be held at the BMICH from Feb 23rd to 27th 2011.
Actually the so called"sessions" consist of;
      Inauguration - Exactly that! - 23rd
      Exhibition - Architect 2011 - 23rd to 27th
     National Conference - Architecture for all: City + Community - 24th
     AGM - (members only) - 
    Fellowship Night - zzzzzzzz - 26th

Here is the SLIA site, but if you are looking for the schedule of events don't go there, it wont tell you! Neither does the separate web page for the Exhibition as it takes ages to load. But if you are a 'flash' fan definitely worth a visit!. Call the SLIA, that is the best.

This time the theme is "Architecture for all: City + Community"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

city school of architecture (colombo) gets RIBA recognition

City School of Architecture, Colombo has obtained RIBA accreditation.  (wait for the exact jargon!). Actually there is not much jargon at all as I found out. CSA is now a RIBA accredited school.

(I should have thought as much; when you obtain accreditation you get accredited, obviously)

go to csa website


සිටි ස්කූල් ඔෆ් ආකිටෙක්චර් ආයතනයට බ්‍රිතාන්‍ය වාස්තු විද්‍යාඥයන්ගේ අනුමැතිය

තව දුරට කියවන්න (සිළුමිණ)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

russian tea room

In 1981, Harry B. Macklowe, the developer of the Metropolitan Tower, New York, planned a large office tower that would have included not only his own site at the Metropolitan Tower, but also the restaurant's (ie. Russian Tea Room's) and the lot on which Carnegie Hall Tower was erected. There was an agreement with Carnegie Hall about their lot, but Stewart-Gordon, who owned the lot dividing the project, refused to sell. Macklowe also offered to buy the air rights only and to give room for her restaurant inside the new tower building, but Stewart-Gordon declined. No matter what she was offered, Stewart-Gordon refused to sell the lot.

During the planning of the Carnegie Hall Tower at 152 W. 57th St., on the other side of the Russian Tea Room, again Stewart-Gordon declined to sell its site or its air rights. The result is the narrow twenty-foot gap, separating the Metropolitan and Carnegie Hall towers.

Read more About Russian Tea Room
Photo is from here

BTW here is a photo from Sydney, with a scenario somewhat similar to the story above. I wonder if there was a similar story behind this location as well?