Tuesday, May 18, 2010

සිංහල චිත්‍රය හා මෝස්තර සම්ප්‍රදාය (book #14)

සිංහල චිත්‍රය හා මෝස්තර සම්ප්‍රදාය
කර්තෘ: මහාචාර්ය නිමල් ද සිල්වා


  1. boooooring...
    bad qality prints yar
    tooooooo expensive yar

    pleeeeees retreat to cave yar

  2. I dont know who this Anonymous "Yar' is...or whether he/she actually saw this book in real... but I bought this book and it is simply superb!
    Its a total collection of graphics and motiffs that has been used through out sinhalese culture in differnt arts and craft forms. All classified and categorized.
    Its like a source handbook for any Sri Lankan Designer.
    Ofcourse maybe its not for people who judge every book by its cover. Its more for people who has the brains to appreciate one's heritage and its beauties.
    -Ajith Weerasinghe.

    1. Agree with the second opinion - the person who has read the book. Highly recommend it.