Monday, August 27, 2012

architecture student jamboree 2012

For the first time, SLIA (Sri Lanka Institute of Architects) has organized and successfully concluded a student jamboree for the architecture students of the island. Nearly 80 students from the 2 architecture schools (Mora and CSA) took part in this event. Event was hosted at the MAS Institute of Management and Technology (MIMT) at Thulhiriya from 17th  to 19th August.

One of the key events of this venture was to refurbish a school building at the Senanayaka School in the Thulhiriya area. Students accomplished the task of color washing (with the kind sponsorship of AkzoNobel paint) of a classroom block, landscaping the main pathway (with the kind sponsorship of Green Lanka Plants 033-4928131) during the second day of the Jamboree.

The event was organized by the SLIA via its educational arm, the Board of Architectural Education. I am proud to be a member of the group who organized this pioneering event. Hope there will be many more student jamborees to come and that SLIA will make an effort to turn these future events to international affairs.

Kudos to the organizers, board members and those who, whole heartedly supported this venture from the beginning.

Poster: UOM + CSA = Us > 'api'




Photos: Janaka Dharmasnea, Thejani Shalika, Pathum Gallage