Saturday, July 23, 2011

London's Strata tower wins Carbuncle Cup as Britain's ugliest new building

The Carbuncle Cup is an architecture prize, given annually by the magazine Building Design to "the ugliest building in the United Kingdom". This year it has  been awarded to   London's Strata Tower.

"It was hailed a breakthrough in urban wind power: a 42-storey tower with built-in turbines to deliver 8% of its electricity needs. But today the Strata tower in south London found itself becalmed when it was named Britain's ugliest new building, pipping a rival that the judges said resembled a giant pair of buttocks and a bus station that looked like a jelly mould." -

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  1. we should have a similar competition in SL! any nominations? :)

  2. Sure, sure. Would be very difficult to judge a winner!

  3. First Nomination :- Horombuwa's Award wining House in Kandy.

  4. But nothing can beat SLIA Secretariat building by Design Consortium (Prof.Laxman Alwis), selected by none other than Geoffrey Bawa as head of jurors at a competition. If ever there was a useful purpose for inventing dynamite this building should be the first in line.

  5. Strata Tower..
    fuckin beautiful

  6. While modern society goes through an acute shortage of clean and efficient fuel, I find this effort ingenious and breathtaking. Due credit has to be awarded to the designers. A contentious award is nothing to lose heart at.