Sunday, July 10, 2011

two new books by SLIA (book #22)

SLIA has published two books recently. First is “The Architect 50” is a commemorative volume for the 50 years of SLIA 1957-2007. (Priced around SLRs. 2500/= Please check). Tend to be bit verbose and has an alarmingly long disclaimer (The longest I have seen in a book). But nevertheless a very good book for the simple reason that we would have lost most of such information forever in 10 years time if it weren't for a  book like this. For around Rs 2500/= it is worth for the disclaimer alone ;~)

The second, called “The Identity” Sri Lanka Architect” is an anthology of Sri Lankan contemporary architecture.  (Priced around SLRs. 7000/= Please check). Presentation of this book is far superior the previous one though I like the cover of the previous book better.

Inquire from the SLIA publications for availability, correct prices and further information.

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