Tuesday, December 7, 2010

readymade music - how architecture helped music evolve

a lot has been written on how architecture has been influenced by music (or cinema). --- ---- But here is a view the other way round. How music has been influenced by the surrounding architecture or the context. Do we subconsciously make music to fit the spaces we occupy? Do we make art to fit galleries?  General or the traditional way to think about creativity is to say, first come the passion then the emotional outpouring of it which  only as the last stage will be shaped in to the context or the space. But apparently this is not not entirely so. The very emotions the make the art or the music itself is preconditioned by the space or the context. there fore the music is 'ready made' for the space or the architecture to which the musician (in this case) associate him or her self with. Listen to David Byrne.

Source: TED Talk

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