Saturday, December 4, 2010

galle fort (#14)

Ramparts, Ramparts, Keeper-Dutch Church, Bell Tower, Square, People (kk)
Photos: Waruna Gomis

Dutch Gate, Dutch Gate, Museum (Old Warehouse), Mosque, Rock Divers, Woman, Man & Woman
Photos: Waruna Gomis

Dutch Church x 4, Morris Minor, Dogs, Rock Divers & a .......... , Shopkeeper, Plain Tea
Photos: Janaka Dharmasena
For these photos Waruna was using his Leica M9  and I was using his Panasonic DMC-LC1. If you can find one go buy it. It is a nice camera. I mean the DMC-LC1.

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  1. excellent post. I'm a big fan of 17/18 th century architecture. I reckon modern architecture is nowhere near the majesticness of these old masterpieces. Challenge is working out ways to materialise these old designs for today's needs in a sustainable way.Thanks for excellent images.:D