Sunday, August 15, 2010

karagahagedara ambalama (wayside rest), kurunegala (#6)

Karagahagedara Ambalama
How to get there: Take B247 (Narammala - Kurunegala) Road from Narammala (නාරම්මල) towards K'gala (කුරුණෑගල) and turn left at Kalugamuwa (කලුගමුව) and travel alone for about 8km to come to Veerambugedara (වීරඹුගෙදර) Junction and again take left at that junction, follow the narrow road and you should end up at the Ambalama.
Photos at top by Waruna Gomis, Last 2 photos by JD


  1. Fantastic, would love to hear the history.(and more photos :)
    Seems pretty close to Kandyan Architecture. and beautiful.

  2. lovely set of images. Would love to visit this area.

  3. Do a round trip on the way to, Bihalpola, Dambadeniya, Padeniya, Dorabawila, Vijayarama Temple of Nawinna.... All in Kurunegala District and could be done in a day's trip.

  4. Saw a photograph of the place about 25 years ago in the Air Lanka In flight magazine.
    Used to wander, where the place was located, now I know. Thank You.