Thursday, August 5, 2010

uggala temple (vihare & devale), balangoda (#5)

Ancient 'Uggala Aluthnuwara & Katharagama Devale (Temple & Shrine)  is situated in Imbulpe, Balangoda. Photos are from a recent visit to the temple by my mate Chinthaka Wickramage.
Here is a blog link with more information of the temple.
How to get there: To get to the Uggala Temple you have to go past the Balangoda town on Route A4 (Colombo-Wellawaya Road) and there is a small town called Imbulpe just after you pass Balangoda and there is a large masonry archway done across the road and there you have turn to the road which leads to the Devale about a kilometer interior. There are sign boards along the main road giving you the distance to the devale.
Devale is a big complex with the whole building raised about 20 feet above the surrounding area.



  1. Fantastic Place!!! Thumbs up for Chinthaka and sevenby3

  2. Compiled a set 7-8 blogs on temples, ambalamas etc with the photos from WG,others and from my archives as well. Expect the posts in coming weeks.

  3. i cant understand what the first commenter is raving about. it seems to me that his/her ideas are all fart and no shit... perhaps he/she is a foreigner, perhaps a hippie or some one of that sort he has seen the island for the first time.

    we do however have to appreciate the contribution made by the traveler (chinthaka). There is nothing special or 'Fantastic' about the complex (at least the images don not indicate any). The temple is fitted with new timber work. So can the Anonymous tell us whats fantastic ?

  4. You dont have to be a hippie or a first time tourist to the island to appreciate traditional Sri Lankan architecture. Weather restored or old there is much to learn in the wood work of the building in terms of carpentry & joinery details with there generous eaves in response to the trophical climate we live in.Contemporary Sri Lankan architects derive insprations from our old 'amabalama rest halls, devales and anciant religious buildings and try to capture there spatial qualities and there essence in there current works.So keep up the good work Seven by 3. Looking forward to the forthcoming compilation of 'ambalamas & devales' with photos by WG.

  5. Somebody said "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".SO I suppose things some see as fantastic are pure crap to others...

    I myself don't attribute any 'exceptional values' (I agree that some may have more historic value than others) to places I blog here, they are TOTALLY random.

    As for me, I haven't been to this place since my uni days...
    and if you guys happen to other 'fantastic places' (according to you) feel free to send me, i'd love to post!