Thursday, June 25, 2009

a new port for hambantota

The port is designed for futuristic needs of deep draughts and wide yard areas so that when the Colombo Port is unable to expand facilities, the Hambantota Port will be ready to take over that demand and be ahead of competitors in the region, he said. Containers too will be handled for the region, he said.

Hambantota is a highly underutilized land and is in close proximity to international shipping routes.

At present more than 100 vessels bypass the Sri Lanka South-West coast daily with no value addition to the country’s economy, he said.

Therefore, the Hambantota Port will be developed to cater to twelve areas - Thermal power generation, oil refinery and petrochemical industry, coal fired power plant, bunkering services, coal transshipment and distribution, ship-building and repair activities, transshipment car activities, bonded export processing zone, bulk cargo and general cargo berths, fishing activities and export of fish products and container traffic.

This blog is about the construction of the port. - HBT port blog

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