Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Danith and Samila Residence - (cSLa #4)

I am planning to do a serial photo-blog on works of contemporary Sri Lankan  architects and kicking it off with this house by mates Nalaka & Nilakshi. Again, as usual there is not academic or theoretical basis for the selection. Building are what I like and most of them are also happens to be done by my mates.
This house is done by Nalaka and Nilakshi while ago and they have been doing some interesting work of late. Some more of their work can be seen at their website n2architects
As usual copyrights of all the photos and sketches belong to Nalaka and Nilakshi. Please seek their permission for reuse.


  1. They have a awesome web site..Thnx

  2. really cool way to make a kind of private oasis in an over crowded neighbourhood also, without making it seem clausterphobic