Monday, May 25, 2009


"It is neither the Urban nor the Rural, it is both. New architecture cannot come out of old planning! Cities of Asia, behold the countryside, and imagine the infinite possibilities. See one space, not two."- quoted from RUBANISATION  blog.

I had the opportunity to listen to Prof. Tay Kheng Soon a couple of months ago at a CPD organised by the SLIA (that is a continues professional development workshop organised by the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects!). I was quite fascinated by the theory proposed by him.

I often struggled to understand  clear differences of  the urban/ rural patterns in theories taught at the school (uni) and my inability distinguish those differences when I look around the Sri Lankan landscape. Where the city ends and the village starts? Especially along most of the ‘main’ roads l(say from Colombo to Galle) it is very difficult to distinguish between urban and rural.

May be TKS’s ‘Rubernization’ is the answer.

Proff. Tay Kheng Soon (TKS) blog on RUBANISATION

'Mega-Cities in the Tropics - Towards an Architectural Agenda for the Future' by Tay Kheng Soon

Image Credit - Proff. Tay Kheng Soon (


  1. may be Sri Lanka doesnt have any urbanized areas?

  2. Hey there!

    My name is Valerie (From the National University of Singapore). We are having an interesting event happening soon featuring Mr. Tay Kheng Soon as he talks about Rubanization. The talk will be streamed live from Singapore on the 30th of March at 7:30pm (Singapore time).

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