Saturday, November 10, 2012

indian architecture awards 2012

Residential: Single Residence - Ar. Jayadev, Cochin
Project: Rithu, Cochin
Highlights of Project: Integrated indoor-outdoor transition; simple lines; play of colours; ample natural light and ventilation.

Residential: Multi-storey -Ar. Kiran Venkatesh of InFORM Archietcts, Bangalore  
Project: Housing Tower One, Hyderabad
Highlights of Project: Green features; responsible living and social interaction spaces; strong massing and colour scheme;  aesthetic of  building  derived from functional and creative moves  intrinsic to planning rather than as external application of elements.

Public Category: Ar. Manit Rastogi & Ar. Sonali Rastogi of Morphogenesis, New Delhi
Project: City Centre, Siliguri
Highlights of Project: Most significant is the bio-climatological approach; interface between township and city; break-out spaces in the form of landscaped terraces on each floor; indigenous to the city.

Interiors Category: Ar. Tushar V. of Ochre Architects, Bangalore
Project: No. 20, Office Extension
Highlights of Project: Functional planning with break-free geometry; water bodies; innovative and significant interiors.

Landscape-Design Category: Ar. Akash Hingorani of Oasis Designs Inc., New Delhi
Project: Bhairon Marg Urban Landscape, New Delhi.
Highlights of Project: Integrated approach of urban planning that amalgamates the field of Landscape design, transport planning and urban design to bring about a cohesive space that works for the pedestrians as well as vehicles.

Research Category: Ar. Yatin Pandya of Footprints E.A.R.T.H., Ahmedabad
Project: Concepts of Space
Highlights of Project: Unravelling the inherent virtues of traditional Indian Architecture and interpreting them as universal dictums, relevant to reinstate in contemporary times.

Industrial Category: Ar. Sunil Patil of SPA, Pune
Project: Fratelli Wines, Akluj
Highlight of Project: Soul of this building are intricately designed spaces, which interact with each other in such a manner that the visitor can feel the process of wine making. Landscape as key microclimate modifier. Simple no-nonsense approach.

Heritage Buildings: Ar. Pankaj & Ar. Pranoti Modi, Ahmedabad
Project: Restoration, Rehabilitation & Retrofit - LIMBDI
Highlights of Project: Sensitivity hand-in-glove with dynamism – an ideal approach to heritage architecture.

Urban Infrastructure: Ar. Sourabh Gupta of Archohm, Noida
Project: Vadodara Bharuch Toll Plaza
Highlights of Project: Reinterpreting urban infrastructure typology through dramatic visual experience and functional optimization.

Images and information from India Art & Design & Architizer


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