Monday, October 10, 2011

look out loo

Artist Monica Bonvicini has created a minimalist glass cube containing a usable loo to stand opposite the Tate Britain gallery in London (Photo 2). The work, called Don't Miss A Sec, is made out of one-way glass which means you can see out but not in.

The toilet was also exhibited at the Messeplatz in Basel, Switzerland (photos 1,3)


  1. Haha, hilarious. These creative works of art should not only be exhibited, but installed for public use too. I love these open minded and a bit shocking 'inventions' :)
    It must be interesting to pee while you watch other people walk by you... or look through you :D

  2. what happens in the night... when its lit inside!!

  3. I've heard about this, but this is the first time I'm seeing pictures. I can't imagine who would use this loo, it's bad enough that it's a public toilet in the middle of the street and you KNOW that people are walking by, but actually seeing them? I could never go like this!