Sunday, February 13, 2011

SLIA annual sessions and the exhibition

SLIA Annual Sessions and the Exhibition 'Architect 2011' will be held at the BMICH from Feb 23rd to 27th 2011.
Actually the so called"sessions" consist of;
      Inauguration - Exactly that! - 23rd
      Exhibition - Architect 2011 - 23rd to 27th
     National Conference - Architecture for all: City + Community - 24th
     AGM - (members only) - 
    Fellowship Night - zzzzzzzz - 26th

Here is the SLIA site, but if you are looking for the schedule of events don't go there, it wont tell you! Neither does the separate web page for the Exhibition as it takes ages to load. But if you are a 'flash' fan definitely worth a visit!. Call the SLIA, that is the best.

This time the theme is "Architecture for all: City + Community"


  1. Does the SLIA site tell you anything at all?

  2. Graphics look cool this time..saw some flayers and stuff..nice work!!