Sunday, November 7, 2010

small chapel, tewatte, ragama (cSLa #35)

This small chapel; which is fondly known as 'pumpkin chapel' (වට්ටක්කා පල්ලිය) is situated behind the Tewatte Basilica. Does anybody know who the achitect / engineer of this chapel.
Architect: Unknown (If anyone knows who the architect is, please add as a comment)
Photos: Janaka Dharmasena

And here are a couple of photographs of the Basilica itself. again I'd hope somebody will enlighten us on the architecture and the architect of this monument.


  1. I thought that's Valentine Gunasekara's work, Pl correct me.

  2. This is not valentines one. There is another interesting chappel in horana (i think) by bilimorea.

  3. I checked with couple of people who are familiar with Valentine's work and they informed me that this is not Valentine's. There is another Chapel done by V.G. in the same area(ref. book "Imagining Modernity")and , in fact I came across this while looking for V.G's one, which unfortunately I could not track down on that day.
    BTW Horana chapel (if you are referring to St. Martin de Porres Church) IS by V.G. (ref. book "Imagining Modernity")

  4. i referred that.V,G's one is hexagonal plan with curvy entrance