Wednesday, October 20, 2010

jean nouvel and our nouvels

My mate Narein has highlighted the remarkable similarities between these two sets of structures; temporary pavillion at the Serpentine Gallery by Jean Nouvel and the 2009 SLIA Exhibition structures, especially the members stall. Remember that  the SLIA Exhibition came before Jean Nouvel's structure.

more details of Jean Nouvel's Pavillion at Serpentine Gallery could be seen  here.  As this an annual event, there are a series of pavillions designed by prominent architects. Oscar Niemeyer would have been in his late nineties when he desinged the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in 2003. Not bad at all! Vida longa, Oscar.


  1. This is scary! we, Sri Lankan Architects now should be cautious of not only of our own colleges, but of Jean Nouvel as well!

    Shame on you Mr. Nouvel for copying from SL Architects...(like, didn't you have any where else to copy from?)

  2. Ha, Ha, ha, LoL. Very scary. And very funny.

  3. Nice pictures.
    @ anonymous What is scary?