Saturday, June 12, 2010

trinco, sri lanka

(1) Dutch Bay beach
(2) Thambalagam Bay; Near Kinniya Bridge
(3) Thambalagam Bay; On the way back from Kinniya Bridge
(4) Konesvaran Temple
(5) On the way back from Pigeon Island, Nilaveli Beach


  1. There is nystery in the images. I like the one with nandi and Om sign. Do More

  2. Oops that was 'Mystery'. my bad.

  3. Me too. Even though the landscapes look more "nysterious" my favourite is the one taken at the Konesvaran Temple. Om sigh happed to be on the door of a huge tin shed, perhaps the parking space of the "vale cart". BTW I think a more cleaner camera and the lens also played an important role in these pictures.

  4. I think you should make another visit to trinco in the day time :)