Friday, April 23, 2010

tacking point, NSW, aussie

While skimming through arkitecton's blog on panoramas, i suddenly remembered this.

Photography & montage: truly yours

Foot note: I used a freeware program called panorama factory to create this montage. I now use 'Canon Photostich' (which i dont think is freeware) which is more user friendly (read: better suited for lazyboys like me) but provide less overall control compared to Panorama Factory. actually both these programs can stitch a grid (both up & down as well as sideways in one composite) as well as a sequential panorama.

The secret to create better panoramas lies in how you take your photos as much as how you montage them. Here are two excellent sites (site1, site 2) if you are interested. First one is for a DIY tripod pano head. For those who are not, you simply have to rotate the camera around the lens aperture plane (sometimes called the nodal point)  and not around the focal place (sensor / film plane) and definitely not around the central axis of your body, to avoid the phenomenon called parallax error.

And BTW Tacking Point in NSW is right here!

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