Thursday, February 11, 2010

Comprehensive 5-day lighting course by sustainable lighting institute.

This course was successfully concluded (January 18 – 22, 2010) and I also happened to be a 'lucky' participant. Even though it was a tightly packed schedule, we as usual managed to find enough 'free time'. Big thanks for the organizers for a job well done.

Seminar was compact and comprehensive. The highlight for me was the two design projects conducted as part of the seminar. One was was an external  lighting design for parts of the old dutch fort in Galle and other an interior lighting design for the hotel where we stayed. The hands on approach to the whole seminar with lot of lighting and test equipment was appreciated by the participants. There were participant from , if I remember correctly, all the SAARC countries, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and Philippines. (apologies if I got this wrong).

Images are from Regional Center For Lighting (RCL) website, hosts of this seminar.
Their knowledge partner is Lighting Research Centre (LRC)
Yes, RCL & LRC and try to remember which is which!

Ah, There is one more photo, Here is one of my mates getting a good measure of foot candles.


  1. Please let us know more about the course and the two projects you mentioned.

  2. Best thing is to contact RCL about ant forthcoming courses. Links are at the bottom of the post. Contact RCL .......... NOT LRC!