Wednesday, January 20, 2010

lebbeus woods

The Mayor of the city wanted to set a good example, so he rebuilt his house on some broken walls that were still strong. He was richer than most, so it stood alone near the center of the city. (from AFTER THE WAR: LEBBEUS WOODS)

Before the war, all the buildings had been similar. After the war, those that had to be partially rebuilt were each different. People said this was so because each building had had been damaged in unique ways and its residents had unique stories to tell of what they had experienced. (from AFTER THE WAR: LEBBEUS WOODS)

Lebbeus Woods (born 1940 in Lansing, Michigan) is an American architect and artist. The majority of his explorations deal with the design of systems in crisis: the order of the existing being confronted by the order of the new. His designs are politically charged and provocative visions of a possible reality; provisional, local, and charged with the investment of their creators.

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