Saturday, September 12, 2009

epilogue for Ena De Silva house

Apparently the house is going to be relocated to 'Lunuganga' How this is being done is not clear yet. 

This incidentally, for whatever reason reminded me of an old story my mate Prasanna R. told me sometime back. Its about a mamoty. A particular farmer was swearing that it was the same old mamoty used by his father and grandfather and so on only that he had to change the handle sometime back and oh, the blade recently.
(Image via Sunday Times "A heritage house gets second chance")


  1. Im glad that University of Moratuwa ddnt get their hands on this!

  2. I was down that road yesterday and F Y I it is now gone

  3. any news on the progress? is it now at lunuganga?

  4. Apparently, yes. Certainly not at the uni.