Friday, March 27, 2009

geoffry bawa's ena de silva house to be demolished

This iconic piece of Sri Lankan architecture is apparently going to be demolished. I'm still trying to get a couple of contemporary pictures and some more information. Meanwhile you can check this out.
So the rumour is that a major portion of the house will be dismantled and transported to be re-assembled at University of Moratuwa (where I studied architecture, actually the only Sri Lankan university to offer an architectural graduate program. But that is a story for another day). Not a bad idea considering the situation. But I absolutely have no idea how about the logistics except for that the developer is willing to dismantle and transport ‘all’ the item free of charge.

The other option is to somehow preserve/conserve it as is in the same location. But there are couple of ethical issues we have to consider before taking this path. Remember that Sri Lanka has a conservation policy (however weak that is) and there is a registered list of (“listed”) buildings under the same. This house is NOT in that list. So if we were to ‘moth ball this without compensating the owner at the market price we will be doing not only a huge injustice to the owner but also set a not so good precedence.

If such a thing happens, knowing how things are happening around here, expect the next few properties of such calibre to ‘catch fire’ before going up for the sale.

check this flick album for photosgraphs

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